LG Front Loading Washer

LG Tromm Washing MachineLG wants me to believe that “Life’s Good.” Me? I’m not a good marketer. I would say “Life’s Good for one year from the date of purchase.” Not as sexy a message and a tad bit long-winded, but it does carry more of a truth in advertising ring to it. So, I’m 419 days out from the date of purchase and I notice a puddle of water under the LG Tromm SteamWasher (WM2487HWM). Is life good? No. Not even close.

So, I schedule a service call. For the second time. The last time a repair person came to visit the LG washing machine, life was good since the warranty covered the labor and parts. After replacing the load balancer, the washing machine stopped jumping around the laundry room. Cool, but I was without the use of a laundry machine for three or so weeks until the part came in. This time, the repair person identified a leak in the steam unit. So, 54 days after the one year warranty expired, I have to pay the repair person $125.00 to fix a leak. Life’s Not So Good. This LG front-loading washing machine better save me a lot of water and energy to offset that $125 repair bill.

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