LED Linear Tubes

I guess it pays to wait. Last year, Costco was selling these LED 4ft tubes for $29.79. This year, Costco was selling them for $17.99. How many items drop 39% in price from year-to-year. Next year, these bulbs will probably cost less than $10.

I have two fluorescent shop lights in the garage. I bought one box with two replacement bulbs as a test. I was so impressed that the light came on instantly and was so bright that I bought another box for the second light.

The only “trick” was that these lights had a plastic end cap. At first, I didn’t realize these were caps. Maybe LED tube lights have a different connector. I wasn’t sure how these would fit in the fixtures, but gave it a try anyways. After some frustration, I studied the box, which shows the bulb with the traditional pins at the end. That’s when I realized that these were caps. Popped them off and I was good to go.

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