Five Remodeling Mistakes

TV Outlets. I failed to future proof the house. Had I known a few years ago that I will now be watching TV programs on my computer instead of the television in the living room, I would have installed a TV coaxial cable outlet in the office, where the computer spends most of its time.

Bath Screen. Every time I take a bath, the bath screen reminds me that I should have installed a sliding glass shower door instead. If I set the shower head to champagne spray, water exits the small seam between the bath screen and the wall. If I set the shower head to normal spray, the floor outside the foot of the tub gets wet.

Extra Sink. Rarely use that extra sink and faucet on the kitchen island.

Cellular Blinds. Cellular blinds work great throughout the house, except for the bedrooms. If your bedroom windows are facing any source of outside light, unless you have selected a suitable fabric that blocks light, your blinds may light up quite brightly at night. Additionally, the Top Down Bottom Up option was totally unnecessary and more trouble than it was worth. Now each blind has two cords for you to keep away from young children.

Indoor Laundry Room. Mildly convenient. However, you cannot run the washer or dryer at certain hours. Additionally, if the laundry room does not have a concrete floor (such as when it sits above the crawl space), certain front loading washers may exhibit stability issues.

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