Dyson DC56 Spring Replacement

Dyson DC56 Latch

A few years ago, I picked up a Dyson DC56 vacuum from Costco. While I could always drag the corded vacuum out to the driveway, having a cordless handheld vacuum is so much more convenient. However, when I was vacuuming the car the other day, the vacuum kept falling apart because the purple latch at the top no longer held the cyclone to the main body. After an inspection, I figured out that the spring which provided tension to the latch was missing. I contacted Dyson about getting a replacement spring, but their solution was to purchase an entire cyclone for $75.99.

No thanks. I also searched online for the schematics, but the only spring listed was for the latch that attached the accessory brushes and nozzles to the vacuum. With nothing to lose, I headed to Orchard Supply Hardware hoping that they would have the right spring. I found a 3-pack of 3/8 x 3/4 x .032 springs for $3.49. When I returned home, I popped one of them in without even having to use any tools. Success!

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