Pull-Out Waste Baskets

When designing or redesigning a kitchen, you will be confronted with a variety of design options. I love slide-out shelves, which offer a combination of convenience and accessibility. For storing pots and pans, slide-out shelves let you use the entire shelf–front and back–and you can access any pot or pan regardless of its location. Some cabinet manufacturers also offer built-in waste basket and recycling bin options. The upside of a built-in waste basket or recycling bin is that such a cabinet can hide the mess that open trash cans present. However, the downside is that you can only replace a trash can or recycling bin with one of similar size.

After a few years of use, the rim of our waste basket started to break off. I thought that finding a replacement waste basket would be easy. But, after visiting Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, OSH and Bed Bath and Beyond and not finding a similar waste basket, I discovered that I was in trouble. How do you find a replacement for an unlabeled rectangular white plastic waste basket? Fortunately, I found a label on the white waste basket in the other built-in cabinet and easily ordered a replacement online. Actually, I ordered quite a few because shipping large plastic trash cans apparently is not cheap. When the trash cans finally arrived, I discovered that the white trash can I was using as a recycling bin was not the same size as the white trash can I was using as a waste basket. Doh! This time, I carefully measured the trash can and bought something similar in dimension. Hopefully it will work out.

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  • A white plastic basket? Is it not more prone from getting soiled?

  • James B. Link

    If you found a good source for basket for a pull out cabinet could you please provide a website, link, or store, etc. to them.
    Thank you!

  • James,

    I purchased a set of Rubbermaid 2806-TP-WHT 36 Quart Wastebaskets from Ace Hardware Outlet.

    This was the larger size wastebasket that I used for the recycling. For many people, this might be a lifetime supply since each wastebasket may last 4-6 years.

    For the thinner wastebasket used for trash, I found a replacement at Amazon: KV Replacement Basket 30 Quart White

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