TOTO Toilets

I’ll be the first to admit that when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at MWSF in 2007, I couldn’t see the genius of the product. It wasn’t until I actually got to see the iPhone in person that I realized that it was different from every cell phone that I had every owned. The iPhone was a game changer.

TOTO toilets may just be the iPhone of toilets. Sure, you can obsess over all the features in a TOTO Washlet, but the feature that really floored me was the SoftClose seat. Before I installed a TOTO Toilet, I had never seen a toilet with a SoftClose seat. Instead of slamming shut, the toilet seat will gently lower itself down. Absolutely amazing. After I saw this, I realized that every other toilet seat was designed incorrectly.

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  • Toto toilets are definitely the best quality toilets out there, I couldn’t agree more. They have so many great features, it’s amazing.

  • Gemma Banfield Link

    Toto toilet filler valve and flapper changed twice in 8 years. Don’t know if this is good or bad.

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