KitchenAid Refrigerator Water Dispenser

I’ve been using a KitchenAid Bottom-Mount Refrigerator for just over two years. Last week, I encountered a problem where the cold water dispenser located inside the refrigerator stopped dispensing cold water. I pulled out the refrigerator and took a look and nothing seemed out of order. I knew the dispenser itself was “working” because I could hear it attempt to pump water whenever I pressed the button.

KitchenAid Water Dispenser Tank

So, after much searching around, I finally was able to locate the cold water tank behind the two crisper bins. Seriously, the owner’s manual should tell people to check the water tank within “The water dispenser will not operate properly” section of the troubleshooting guide. Even though the refrigerator says it is 38°, I know for a fact that certain parts of the refrigerator are colder than others. For example, leaving a gallon of milk on the top shelf by the blower will cause the milk to freeze. Anyways, a thin layer of ice had formed in the water dispenser tank. I didn’t even need to heat up the tank. Just tilting it back and forth caused the ice to break up. When I pressed the water dispenser button again, it started pumping out cold water (with a few ice crystals here and there.)

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  • Matt Link

    Thank you so much!!!! You save me a repairman house call!!!!

  • Pablo Link

    This is the same problem I have–exact same. Unfortunately, the suggestion here is only a temporary solution –I used a hair dryer. In the first year of the warranty, KitchenAid paid for multiple visits and no one fixed it. After working for a while, the dispenser went kaput again. Today, I noticed one thing that might explain the problem–the plastic tank rests against the metal shelf bracket, which gets very cold. My theory is that the cold bracket freezes part of the water tank. I think a bit of rubber between the bracket and the plastic tank might cure the problem. Also, opening the crisper vent allows air to circulate more.

  • Jack Link

    I will try that, although I am not quite sure what a bottom mount means. Mine is a side by side but i can hear a noise like it is trying to pump the water. Do all refrigerators have a water tank ?

  • By bottom mount, I meant that the freezer is on the bottom. If your refrigerator dispenses cold water, it should have a water tank. The alternative would mean that it is chilling water on demand. Checking your manual or searching around the refrigerator should tell you how it is configured.

  • larry Link

    Thanks! went snowboarding for 3 days and came home to a not working kitchen aid water dispenser. I have a side by side Superba it dosen’t have a resoivoir it has a length of 1/4 inch plastic tubing that froze (behind 3 meat and crisper drawers) took out the drawers blew dry the tubing 5 mins later water back in business
    Thanks for the tip God bless you! no repair bills tip put frig on holiday mode next time you go away!

  • Marque Link

    I had the same problem – only worse! Was able warm up the tank and water lines by holding them with my hands to melt the ice. Thanks for the tip as it must have saved me over a $100 on a service call!

  • Bob Link

    Waterflow is very slow. It takes minutes to fill a glass???

  • @Bob. I think you need to back track. If the water line isn’t frozen, I would check the filter.

  • Heather Link

    This is exactly my problem too. Going to get my hair dryer now!! Hope it works. Thank you!!!

  • Will Link

    Thanks, resolved my issue!

  • Don G Link

    I had a similar problem with water freezing in the plastic heat exchanger in a Kitchen Aid Model KSSS42QTX03 side by side built in refrigerator. The temperature control is not very good in this refrigerator. It appears we are loosing our engineering design expertice in the USA. Why is no one interested in designing and building an excellent refrigerator in the USA? Whirlpool recently moved refrigeration manufacturing from Evansville IN. They made excellent refrigerators in the past in Evansville. Maytag made excellent washing machines in Iowa, Now the Maytag name is junk. My old Maytag lasted for 20 years. My newer Maytag required repairs within a year.
    Don Gerhardt

  • David Link

    I have a model KBFS20EVMS3 KitchenAid bottom mount refrigerator and when press water dispenser water comes out narrows then stops and makes noise. Is it pump or frozen lines? How do I trouble shoot? will I have to purchase a blow dryer?

  • @David. Just look at the water reservoir and tubing, and see if it has ice crystals. It shouldn’t be completely frozen. Some people were using a hair dryer to melt the ice crystals, though a towel soaked in warm water might have the same effect.

  • Great advice! It worked for me when my interior water dispenser button quit working.
    Serve call was saved.
    Thanks guys!

  • Charles Link

    So its 2017 and this advice still works like a champ, thanks to the original author. And I have a bottom freezer, Kitchenaid and the dispenser is inside the upper refrigerator section. Took less than a minute to solve the problem.

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