What I Like to See on a Building Supplies Store Web Site

Here’s my wish list. When I visit a web site, I would like to see the following:

  • Location. List the address of all your showrooms.
  • Map. Link your address to an online mapping service, such as Google Maps. Not sure why people still link to Mapquest. Google Maps just kicks butt because I can slide the map over with my mouse. Once you’ve experienced that, clicking on the N/S/E/W arrows to page the map over one screen feels downright antiquated.
  • Store Hours. Why would a store not post their hours on their web site? This one I don’t understand. Why should I call in to ask someone when your are open. I’m only griping about this one because I see it a lot. Just a few clicks of the keyboard saves me from calling you, and saves you from answering my phone call.
  • Inventory. Word-of-mouth business is huge here. Most of the stores I go to were either recommended by a family member, friend or contractor. However, sometimes they can’t tell me exactly the products that you carry. So, introduce yourself. You don’t have to list every single product. Just list the product lines you carry. Better yet, just list the top five most popular items in each product category.
  • Pricing. Always love to shop around.

#1–3 are essential and easy to implement. #4–5 would be great. Of course, any photos to inspire the remodeler in all our hearts would be appreciated.

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