Retail Websites Need Meaningful Feedback

I can’t think of a retailer that offers a better online shopping experience than Amazon. I never have any problems finding a product on their site. However, the real key to their website is the customer reviews. While the sample size may be limited, you are getting feedback from (presumably) real life users. That’s the power of the community working for you.

Now, I won’t call them out, but I see other retailers trying this approach. However, instead of truly informative customer reviews, I see a stupid 5-star scoring system. What I really want to know isn’t whether someone rates a product as a 3 star or a 4 star, but the reason behind the scoring. Does a product work as promised? Is their technology truly revolutionary? What problems do people keep experiencing. That’s what I want. Not a meaningless 5-star scoring system with no real commentary.

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