Noisy Rain Gutters Fixed

I never understood the Itsy Bitsy Spider song when I was a kid.  What the heck is a waterspout?  Nowadays, children have it easy.  Everything is spoon-fed to them.  You sing the spider song and see the nice colorful drawings of a rain gutter and the downspout.  Oh, that waterspout.  Well, it’s been raining quite a bit as of late, in contrast to last winter.  And, because of that, I’m hearing that drip, drip, drip sound more and more often.  Enough to actually do something about it.  Actually, the dripping sound was so noisy that my neighbor asked about it.  So, I head down to Orchard Supply Hardware and pick up “The Silencer.” OSH is selling them for $2.39/unit. With tax, my total cost is $2.59/unit. The Arkco website has them for $14.00/6-pack, or $2.33/unit, and this price includes sales tax, handling and shipping. Could have save $0.25/unit if I had first checked online. Basically, this product is a sponge with a magnetic backing. You can probably fabricate something like this on your own. I opened the package and placed the magnet on the lowest bend of the downspout. I don’t have any technical sensors to measure the decrease in decibels, but I can say that this product made an appreciable difference. It did not completely stop the dripping noise because water dripping on a sponge makes some noise. However, the sound level went from very obvious to barely perceptible. It’s worth the two bucks and change.

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  • If you have annoying rain gutters and want to eliminate that drip drip sound then buy the RainQuiet downspout insert, it won’t wear out and works in most residential rain gutters. go to
    This is an Awesome Product!!

  • Christine Link

    I love “The Silencer” product out of Santa Rosa, CA. I’m afraid they are perhaps no longer available. I can’t find the company nor the product anywhere online. Last time I purchased them I did so directly from the distributor (who I think is an 87 year old man with his own company). I really need more of “The Silencer” product. Rainquiet is just a piece of material held in with a office supply clip. The Silencer is a magnet with a sponge attached requiring no clip.

  • david moseley Link

    If any one out would be interested in bringing a seperior design of a rain spout silencer to the market contact me I live in mt. View CA I know all about the one that sold OSH

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