Granite Kitchen Counter with Mitered Edge

Previously, I had discussed grante kitchen counters. After you have selected your counter material, the color/pattern, and the finish, you will need to select an edge style. The first time I saw a kitchen counter with a 1 1/2″ mitered edge, I fell in love. The kitchen counter had simple yet elegant lines, and looked absolutely solid. I don’t like excessively ornate styles, and I am not an ogee fan.

I love the mitered edge because the counter and the edge do not appear as two separate pieces. Unlike other edges, the seam in a mitered edge is hidden along the top edge and is not noticeable. For other edge styles, the seam appears in the middle of the edge where the edge was glued to the counter. You may not notice it now, but after you’ve seen a mitered edge, you will notice the seam every time you see a granite counter with a non-mitered edge.

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