Occupant Sensors: Good in Theory

occupant sensor light switchTitle 24 is absolutely the bane of homeowners. I’ve griped about Title 24 before. After a year of using occupant sensors in bathrooms, I’m ready to proclaim them a complete failure. When guests come over and stay the night, I have to train them on how to use the bathroom lights, as in if you only turn on the light controlled by the occupant sensor, it may turn off on you and leave you completely in the dark. So, everyone now turns on all the lights just in case. Not sure how this saves energy.

I’ve had the lights turn off on me when I was hidden from the sensor, to the side of the sensor, and directly in front of the sensor. Fortunately, in each instance, I had all the lights on. Install an occupant sensor in the bathroom and it will train you to turn on all the lights and use more energy than you would have otherwise used. The occupant sensor simply cannot detect someone taking a shower. It is completely useless in the bathroom.

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