Walking Washing Machine

I’ve finally come up with a solution for the walking LG Tromm Steam Washer. While the GVI Anti-Vibration Pads were really helpful in dampening the vibration and cutting down the noise from the washer, the pads could not prevent the washer from walking around the laundry room. Before I discovered this secret, I was really torn. The pads worked very well at silencing the washing machine for the most part; however, if the washing machine shifted every so slightly during the rinse or spin cycle, I had a really difficult time moving the washing machine back into place. Those pads really gripped the tile floor well.

As an experiment, I stuck an empty shoe box between the washer and the dryer. Lo and behold, I’ve ran through several wash cycles and the washer has not budged an inch, even on those loads that typically cause the washer to slide around the room. Problem solved.

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