LG Front Load Washing Machine Walks No More

I’ve had problems with my LG Front Load Washer since it first arrived. Six months ago, I finally purchased the GVI Anti-Vibration Pads, which really reduced the noise and vibration issue. However, the washing machine would still inch around sometimes during the spin cycle. And, depending on the nature of the load, the washing machine may shift more than an inch or two.


About two weeks ago, I discovered the Steam Wash option when re-reading the owner’s manual. I’ve always thought that SteamWasher referred to the Steam Fresh cycle, which I had used before. However, if you press the steam button during certain cycles, the machine will steam clean your clothes. So, how does this reduce the vibrations? The owner’s manual notes that the Steam Wash option features low water consumption. Less water means that the wet laundry will be lighter in weight, which should theoretically mean a decreased likelihood of an unbalanced load. I have not had to push back the washing machine since I switched to the Steam Wash cycle.

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