Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Floor Brush

The hardwood floor brush to the Hoover WindTunnel Canister Cleaner broke recently. So, how exactly does a brush with no moving parts break? Well, Hoover floor brushes have a plastic tab that locks it in place. And, if the tab breaks off, the brush does not stay in place. I’m not sure how that tab exactly got decapitated. I only found out when I discovered that someone had taped the brush to the hose. Ugh.

Now, finding replacement parts is not straightforward. I couldn’t find replacement parts at Target, Costco or any other places that I regularly frequent. I ended up finding a replacement brush at a local vacuum cleaner repair shop. Not a Hoover brush, but one that fits with a metal tab instead of a plastic one.


You can find replacement parts at the Hoover website, but you have to visit the Replacement Parts page. When I was looking on the main website, it kept taking me to blank pages.

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