Area Rug Disposal

I had a large area rug with a non-slip rubber backing. Unfortunately, the rubber backing started to breakdown and adhered to the hardwood floors underneath. After a vigorous effort, I was able to remove the adhesive from the hardwood floors. However, disposing of the large area rug stumped me.

Since the local bulk disposal day was months away, I thought about cutting the rug into smaller rolls. However, the carpet was quite fibrous and had a thick canvas edge. I wasn’t confident that my regular scissors would do the trick and searched for carpet knife, only to discover that it was actually a real thing. So, I headed to Home Depot to pick up the Personna Pro Folding Carpet Knife. For $9.37 + tax, it was worth a gamble.

The moment I made my first cut, I could not stop smiling. That knife slid through that carpet like butter. The canvas edge took a few extra cuts, but I had the rug cut into strips and bundled for the regular garbage pick-up so quickly.

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