Home Depot EXPO is Closing

Home Depot EXPO is closing. The official news release on the Home Depot corporate website announced that Home Depot will be closing 34 EXPO Design Center stores. A quick check on the EXPO store locator web page confirms that Home Depot only has 34 EXPO stores. Also, when I viewed the news release, it displayed a mismatched photo showing enthusiastic associates flashing the #1 sign.


Anyways, I love Home Depot because their prices are competitive and I can usually find the products I need in stock. As for Home Depot EXPO, it offered a few items in stock for a great price, but most items required a special order. In other words, not too different from any other plumbing, appliance and tile store. I’ve spent a lot of money at Home Depot and I’ve spent a lot of time at Home Depot EXPO. That’s probably why the EXPO Design Centers are closing.

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