LG Front Load Washer Vibration and Noise

I’ve been tolerating my LG Front-Loading Washing Machine WM2487HWM for about two years now. Considering the premium price of the washer, I expected my experience to be flawless. Unfortunately, it was not. Out of the box, the LG washer had a defective load balancer which made the washer move all over the laundry room even when it was leveled. The replacement part was back-ordered, so LG left me without the use of a washer for about 3 weeks. I’ve never had a problem with the top-loading Maytag washer I had previously owned.

Even after the load balancer was replaced, the washer still had a vibration problem during the spin cycle. Too bad I can’t find my printout of the washing machine ratings from Consumer Reports at the time of my purchase. I want to see whether I can blame my buyer’s remorse on CR. In their current ratings, CR gives numerous LG washers fair and poor ratings for vibration. Specifically, CR notes:

Vibration was poor, a great concern only if you’ll place the washer on a standard wood-framed floor rather than in a basement.

Well, I certainly wasn’t aware of that when I bought the washing machine. Basically, CR recommends that the LG washing machine be installed in the basement or the garage where it will sit on a poured concrete floor.

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  • lg tromm Link

    Is your washer on the first or second floor? I had a front-loader that had to go back because it would cause my wood framed house to shake! It was on the second floor. Interested to know if the CVI pads work as well on the second floor of a wood frame house!

  • First floor.

  • Elaine Lovato Link

    I have had 5 service calls,parts replaced to no avail. I purchased it in 2007. The model number is; WM2487HRM SN703KWAT01072

  • Elaine Lovato Link

    Those 5 service calls have all been since April 2011

  • my washing machine front loading is not spinning. the model is wd10165fu. would you please help you can aslo contact me on 082 4366589

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