Ryobi Infrared Thermometer

The Ryobi Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is one of those tools that you never realized you needed until you actually have one in hand. It offers both practical and fun applications around the home. If one room in the house feels colder than the others when the heat is on, you can easily take the temperature of the air exiting the vents.

I’ve also used the Ryobi Infrared Thermometer to measure the temperature of

  1. dimmers;
  2. frying pans;
  3. incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs
  4. laptops;
  5. bath water

The Ryobi Infrared Thermometer displays the temperature of anything that you are curious about. A great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Battery Change

The battery compartment for the Ryobi Infrared Thermometer is located under the trigger. The compartment door slides partially down, and then comes out.

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  • Gen4e Link

    How do I change the battery? There is nothing indicating where the battery compartment is and the original instructions are long gone. I do recall it was almost impossible to open the battery compartment when I first purchased it.

  • @Gen4e: I added an image that shows the battery compartment on the Ryobi Infrared Thermometer in the post.

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