Gutter Silencer

Winter means rain, not snow, out here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Two years ago, I had installed The Silencer on all the gutter downspouts. The bad news is that these magnetic sponge pads wear out. The magnet portion is still good. It’s the sponge portion that fails over time. I think the glue that binds the sponge to the magnet finally broke down so all I was left with the magnet. Little use that does in silencing the continuous dripping sound. Fortunately, I had a few leftover Silencers since the only time that the dripping noise proves bothersome is late at night when I’m finally headed for bed and all the shops are already closed.

The next project is to save the leftover magnet from 2 years ago and glue a thicker sponge to it. I wonder if a thicker sponge might be able to completely dampen the drip, drip, dripping sound.

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  • Christine Link

    I had bought a dozen of these directly from the company in Santa Rosa, and before that they could be found at ACE/Johnson Lumber in Morgan Hill, CA. Sadly, I can’t find them online anywhere. I really like “The Silencer” product. If anyone know if they are still in business or not a link to where to buy would be fantastic.

  • OSH still had The Silencer available for purchase when I was in the store a few weeks ago.

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