Amopé Does Not Charge

Amopé is an electric personal care device for smoothing out calluses on the foot. I found one in the house that was low on battery and placed it on the charging cradle. After letting it sit over night, it was still low on battery the next morning. To diagnose the problem, I placed the two prongs of a multimeter on the contacts of the charging cradle. The needle moved, so I knew that the charging cradle was working.

For the next step, I secured the Amopé to the charging cradle with masking tape and left it alone over night. The next morning, the device was still low on battery.

I then noticed that if I applied pressure to the Amopé, the charging light would sometimes flicker. I tried placing a heavy object on the Amopé, but the charging light would not come on. So, I knew I had to apply even more pressure. That’s when I remembered that I had an Irwin Handi-Clamp. Once I clamped the Amopé to the charging cradle, the charging light started pulsing. I left the device alone until the Amopé had a solid green light. When I turned the device on, it was fully charged.

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