GVI Anti-Vibration Pads Solve LG Front Load Washer Vibration and Noise Problem


So, for two years, I’ve been searching for a solution to the LG front-loading washing machine vibration and noise problem. Last Thursday night, I discovered the Front Load Toad website which promised a solution to the vibration problem caused by front load washers. The clincher was their video which showed a vibration meter measuring the vibration from a LG front load washing machine with GVI pads, with no pads and with Kellet vibration pads. When I saw the video of the LG washing machine with no pads, it looked and sounded much too familiar. With visual proof that the pads worked, I immediately ordered a set of 4 GVI pads. Of course, not before shopping around. Anyways, Good Vibrations (GVI) sells the vibration dampener pads directly, but the prices from Front Load Toad were more competitive. Anyways, they shipped really quickly and I received the pads on Saturday afternoon, just in time for the weekend laundry.

How to Install the GVI Pads

The first problem was trying to figure out how to install the GVI Anti-Vibration Pads. After numerous attempts, I found out a solution. If you are installing the GVI pads, you probably have the washing machine installed indoors in a laundry room. I had minimal clearance on either side of the machine so there was no way I could tilt the washer and place the pad underneath a rear foot. What worked was a broomstick and a flashlight. First, I used the broomstick to push the pad next to the leg. Next, I tilted the washing machine to one side and had an assistant nudge the pad into place under a rear leg. I was able to easily place the pad underneath the front leg by myself. After one side was done, I repeated the process on the other side. Then, I used a flashlight to confirm that the pads underneath the rear legs were properly place.

The first load I ran after I had installed the GVI pads was amazing. I had to open the laundry room door several times just to confirm that the washing machine was actually running. The pads completely eliminated the noise and seriously reduced the vibration. They were amazingly effective.

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  • Steve Link

    Just installed the GVI pads under my LG front loading steam washer, which is on the 2nd floor of my townhome. When the washer was in the rinse cycle, as well as the spin cycle, it would shake the unit and rattle all the dishes in the cupboards. After the pads were installed, none of the dishes rattle, and the vibration is cut in half. You can still tell it is on and in the spin cycle, but it is very manageable now, and I don’t think I’ll have to get rid of the washer! If you have a LG that is vibrating like crazy, give the pads a try.

  • Scott Heater Link

    After seeing such psoivtive reviews for the GVI Anti Vibration Pads, I decided to order mine from GVI through their website 2 weekends ago. Unfortunately, I have not recieved any pads, or even had a return phone call from this company. I called them last Saturday, and the woman who anserwed told me she didnt know anything about the order, and that someone would call me back. She also told me that she did not know when someone would call me back. I tried call GVU again today (Monday) and no one answered the phone. I’m wondering if this is really abusiness or just another internet scam.

  • Scott Heater Link

    Update: Just recieved the product and will let you know if it works for me.

  • Leonard Traub Link

    I would like to purchase two sets (8 total). Do you have a Canadian distributor, or can I order directly. Any information where I can obtain these would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gbar Link

    Our washer is on the 2nd floor, I tried these things and they did next to nothing. I wish the sale person were I bought the machine or the first or second repair person I had look at the wahser would have been honest enough to tell me that these machines were design to set on a stable concrete floor. They should never be installed on the second floor of a house.

  • @Gbar. My experience is that any of the steam cycles (where you press the steam button) results in lower vibration.

    I totally agree with you regarding the second floor installation, and would add that first first installation is equally problematic if your house is sitting above crawl space instead of concrete slab.

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