GVI Washing Machine Vibration Pads: Two Month Review

Well, two months have passed since I installed the GVI pads underneath the LG Tromm SteamWasher. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase of the GVI pads. Can’t say the same for the LG Tromm. The pads have made owning the LG Tromm tolerable.

If the LG Tromm did not have a vibration problem, it would be a fantastic washing machine. Of course, that’s not the case. Fair or not, I expected the LG Tromm to perform no worse than all top-loading Maytag washing machines I have had the pleasure of using over the years. If an owner should only install the LG Tromm on a concrete floor, LG should require all its dealers to post such a notice on their showroom floors.

Anyways, the LG Tromm suffers vibration problems during two stages of the washing cycle. When the LG Tromm first enters the spin cycle, some items can be exceedingly damp; e.g., towels, mattress pads, etc. Now, I’ve never had a problem washing these types of items with a top-loading washing machine. With the LG Tromm, the washing machine really shakes violently when it encounters heavy, water-logged laundry items. The GVI pads have no measurable effect during this stage. However, after the spin cycle has progressed for a few minutes, the uneven load problem disappears and the GVI pads work extremely well at dampening the LG Tromm’s vibration and noise, even at the fastest spin levels.

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  • Yes, we purchased the LG Tromm washer and dryer with the pedistals/drawers. The vibration is so bad that the machine moves and it shakes the house like an earthquake. We called LG and they sent a guy out and he opened the top and looked in and said everything was ok, they repairman said to get a vibration pad, and to pick them up at lowes or home depot, both places said they have never heard of those pads and dont even know where to get them?? We have noticed that if you load the machine more full than just a few items it dosent shake as much.

  • I ordered my vibration pads online. Never seen any at Home Depot or Lowes. My experience is that large, heavy loads have the greatest tendency to move the washer around the laundry room. I don’t run any regular loads anymore. I pretty much stick run all my loads with the steam option every time now, which really helps. That said, the vibration is not 100% eliminated, but is at least somewhat tolerable.

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